Spring invaders: Common household pests that show up every year

Spring invaders: Common household pests that show up every year

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Clustering flies” is a collective term for three different types of house flies that can appear in homes in early spring or end of winter.

Cluster flies might look like house flies, but they are bigger, darker, and slower moving. Cluster flies are dark grey with black-and-silver checkered stomachs. The wings overlap when at rest. Cluster flies tend to be more common in houses that are surrounded by big lawns, or are near parks. The term “cluster fly” comes from their habit of gathering in clusters once they’ve entered a house. If disturbed, they might emit a sickly, sweet smell.

Face flies have similar habits as Cluster flies; they are a nuisance to cattle and will inhabit homes that are near to pastures, or where cattle are kept. Blow flies are another type, which are often referred to as blue or green bottle flies.

Risks and hazards: Cluster flies are a nuisance but are not considered a hazard. Face flies and Blow flies can present a danger to food contamination because of their feeding and breeding habits.

Ants: Ant species that might invade Canadian homes include the carpenter ant, the little black ant, the odorous house ant, the thief ant, and the pharaoh ant. Pavement ants can also become an annoyance in lawns and gardens, as well as indoors.

Carpenter ants are bigger than other ant species in Canada, and can cause structural damage if they enter your home. The appearance of sawdust could indicate carpenter ants, because they destroy wood to make room for their nests.

Spiders: Spiders that might be found in Canadian homes include house spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders, fishing spiders and, very rarely, black widow spiders.

Risks and hazards: Spiders don’t transmit disease and are excellent at controlling pests. Most have venom glands, but rarely bite humans. However, people don’t tend to see spiders as being a welcomed guest in their home and their appearance is understandably unsightly.

Prevention and control for each of these different types of intruders can differ. If pesticides are used, it’s important to use the right pesticide for the right pest. Importantly, the use of any types of substance needs to be safe for your home, its inhabitants, and the environment, while still being effective.

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